We Chatted With Billboard About The History Of Live Music Holograms

We’re to be represented in Billboard’s write-up about the history of live music holograms.billboard

This is what they had to say about Eyellusion:

Eyellusion Hologram Production debuted its digitally recreated Dio at the Wacken Festival in Germany in summer 2016, then showed it off for the music industry again at the Pollstar Awards in January. In conjunction with Dio’s widow, Wendy — who has given Eyellusion boss Jeff Pezzuti and his team access to every frame and note of music created by the diminutive rock god over more than five decades — Eyellusion was able to create a remarkably life-like facsimile that can seemingly interact with crowds and rock stages with the help of Dio’s real-life backing band, Dio Disciples.

Current plans call for a Dio Returns tour of North America later this year, followed by a European jaunt and possible trips to South America and Asia. “We took our time building it because we wanted to pass on the legacy of his incredible music to people who might not have gotten a chance to see Ronnie during his lifetime,” said Pezzuti of the eight-month process of building the virtual Dio, who now lives on a portable hard drive.

In another nod to the potential upside of such deals, Pezzuti said the relatively simple gear needed to create the illusion fits in a standard box truck and only requires a few skilled technicians to set up.

Check the full article out here!

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