Frank Zappa: See First Glimpse of Guitarist’s Hologram in Tour Promo

Frank passed away 25 years ago, but still can’t seem to escape censorship! The fine folks at Ticketmaster took umbrage with one of the characters depicted in ‘The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa’ show artwork getting paddled as a penguin in bondage and refused to use it on the site. Ahmet Zappa said it best:

“If you’re someone that can’t enjoy the absurdity and humor of bringing Frank’s music and lyrics to life via holograms—such as penguins in bondage, talking hot dogs and super natural dental floss—this show might not be your cup of tea,” he wrote. “In response to Ticketmaster, I re-submit the poster artwork with our newly updated Warning Guarantee hiding the buttocks of the cartoon penguin. I mean, seriously, Ticketmaster?”

RollingStone got hold of the story and ran this video of Frank Zappa as a hologram (seen for the first time here) responding in his own words to the ridiculous censorship.

And so it goes!

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