LA Times Talks With Eyellusion About Blazing A Trail In Holograms

We spoke with the Los Angeles Times recently about how Eyellusion has quickly emerged as a top player in hologram production and live music events.

This fall Eyellusion will launch a tour featuring a digital likeness of rocker Ronnie James Dio performing alongside his living bandmates from Dio. The tour opens in Finland this November and will hit over 80 cities — a first for a show of its kind.

Eyellusion is also readying a high-concept concert experience built around Frank Zappa that will tour next year.

“Our focus is authenticity,” said Jeff Pezzuti, Eyellusion’s founder and chief executive.“When you go to see a live show, you’re seeing a live show. It’s not like seeing a movie. That’s where we differentiate ourselves.”

“A bunch of projects have been announced but there’s really been nothing substantial,” said Pezzuti… “We are actually putting together a tour — rehearsals, staging, lighting. That’s a huge statement in this industry. We can all make press releases, but the fact is you still have to execute.”

“It wasn’t until I saw the technology of Eyellusion that I believed it could be done,” (Ahmet) Zappa said. “The goal is to utilize the holographic technology to its maximum.”

Zappa said he’s most excited about being able to reimagine his father to take on tour.

“It reduces me to tears knowing what’s possible,” he continued. 

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