New revue won over a Long Island crowd with psychedelic visuals and wacky humor that captured Zappa’s essence


Rolling Stone writer, Kory Grow, reviews the highly anticipated, “Bizarre World of Frank Zappa” show at the Paramount Theater in NY. Kory gives his views on why the show was a hit, and speaks with some of the fans in attendance to get their thoughts.

More than a quarter century after Zappa’s death, his dream is a reality — and a success. The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa, a revue featuring former members of his bands, launched its first tour last week, and on Wednesday, the tour hit the Paramount in Huntington, New York, located a little over an hour outside of New York City. Before the show, the street was filled with Zappa fans wearing a mix of vintage T-shirts (an older one repped the song “My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama,” another called out Dweezil Zappa’s “Zappa Plays Zappa” shows) and the crowd of mostly older men buzzed with excitement about the prospect of the show.

“It’s amazing,” another fan who called himself Jammin’ Jonny told Moore. He’d already seen the hologram spectacle twice and first saw Zappa in the Seventies. “It’s a concert, but it’s more than a concert. I think the only drawback is it’s got to be the same thing note for note. The real Frank would never play the same solo twice. But it’s incredible. If you’re a big Outside, people were still raving about the show. “That was my first hologram,” Tony Dooly said. “The music alone was good enough. I’d go with Dweezil’s Zappa Plays Zappa over this — that’s a phenomenal show — but hearing all the music and seeing Ray White was worth it. And I loved the visuals.”

“I had no clue what it was going to be like, with the hologram of him,” Annelie Indilla said. “But it was very visual and it sounded very good. I loved it. At first, I felt a little sad. I got a little choked up for a second, because he’s not around, but I just really liked it. It’s very unusual. It was very well done.”Frank fan, you’ll cry and laugh.”

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