Well, another tour in the books for Dio Returns, and the fan reactions have been incredible! We really made this show for the fans, and are so happy that everyone loved it! It is a true dream come true for me, as I watched this show develop over the last few years, slowly getting to where I envisioned it to start. Not all the way there yet…as there will be an even bigger, better show coming!

Thank you to Wendy Dio. For not only being an incredible person, but also for believing in me and the Eyellusion vision! Thank you to the band, Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, Scott Warrem, Bjorn Englen, Tim “Ripper” Owens, and Oni Logan. You guys delivered, each and every night. I couldn’t have been prouder! Thank you to Chad Finnerty and his team for bringing Ronnie back to the stage! Finally, thank you to the crew, and their countless effort in delivering the show each and every night across the U.S.! Thank you to Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate for opening each night! They brought it, inĀ  a big way, and knocked it out of the park!

Finally, Thank you to all the fans! We were so happy that you all loved this show! It means the world to all of us! Thank you for the kind words, the incredible reviews, and the overall support! This was the first time in the U.S., and we are looking forward to going back out!

That’s all for now. Follow Eyellusion on Instagram and Twitter…You NEVER know what you will see posted about the future (Could be sooner than you think!) – Jeff Pezzuti (Eyellusion’s CEO)


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