We wanted to thank EVERYONE that came out to one of the Bizarre World of Frank Zappa shows in both the US and the UK. We, at Eyellusion, couldn’t be more proud of both the show and the responses from all of you! The show was welcomed and adored by thousands of fans, and we know there are plenty that still have to see THIS show! From the opening moments at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY, the excitement never left! We couldn’t wait for the next show, the next town, to see the fans faces, and the standing ovation at the end of EVERY SHOW! A special shout out to Ahmet Zappa, for his overall creativity, desire, and love to create this “first of it’s kind” show! It’s a spectacle from the intro to the closing notes of Camarillo Brillo! Also, to Chad Finnerty, for creating the “real” Frank Zappa hologram. Truly must be witnessed in person! The band were on fire every night. Wanted to thank Mike Keneally, Robert Martin, Ed Mann, Ray White, Scott Thunes and Joe Travers for truly killing it! The most difficult music to perform was welcomed by this incredible band of ex-Zappa players and they made it look easy every night! The crew, led by Tour Manager, Chuck “Anton Levey” Randall, worked their asses off each and every night! Thank you to all of them for helping us achieve our vision and delivering “the show” each night! Finally, all the fans..thank you for ALL the kind words about the BWOFZ! The show was made for fans of Frank, New and Old, and we are just getting started. With more surprises in store for the future…we will see you up the road! Music is the Best! –  Jeff Pezzuti, Eyellusion CEO

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