About Us

Eyellusion is a hologram entertainment company focused on the live music market.

Eyellusion addresses end-to-end hologram production needs for the live music market, from live streaming and full digital recreation to stunning special effects. As music industry business models evolve, Eyellusion is working with a fast-growing roster of top artists to open up new revenue streams, expand touring capabilities and meet fan demand. The Eyellusion team brings decades of global music industry and live touring experience, combining deep expertise with cutting-edge production and hologram display capabilities.

Our Services

  • Concept

    Work with our experienced team to design a unique hologram-based live music event. From show conceptualization to lighting and set design, we will help create a production that wows fans.

  • Content Creation

    From live-streaming to full digital recreation, we put the world’s most talented special effects teams, directors, set designers and lighting experts in your corner.

  • Delivery

    We are your live music partner, managing all aspects of the project to ensure it meets the original vision and providing necessary support on the road.