Charge of the Light Brigade: How Hologram Technology is Changing the Music Industry

LA Weekly writer, Brett Callwood, looks at the evolving Hologram touring industry and how Eyellusion has pioneered a new way to deliver live music to fans! Brett sits down with Eyellusion CEO and founder, Jeff Pezzuti, as well as Chad Finnerty and long-time Dio Manager and widow, Wendy Dio.

The company (Eyellusion) was founded in 2015 and officially launched in 2016,” says CEO Jeff Pezzuti. “The idea came from me being a massive music geek for my entire life, seeing hundreds and hundreds of shows, and after the Tupac hologram in 2012, I just assumed that somebody was going to do what I was thinking about doing, and it never happened. I gave it a couple of years, and when I still didn’t see the movement that I was expecting, I decided to take the bull by the horns and make moves. We launched our first version of Ronnie James Dio in 2016. We did another version of it in 2017 and toured Europe. This was the first time with live bands, doing anything at this level. Now, with the brand new tour, it’s not only about the hologram, it’s about the overall experience.”

“I love to get people’s impressions of what they think they’re gonna see and what they see,” Pezzuti says. “It’s always the same thing — a lot of kids who never got a chance to see Ronnie but heard about him through their parents. Or the other direction — they saw Ronnie in the ‘80s but hadn’t seen him since. People who want to go back in time as well. You have all these stories, and at the end we’ve had many standing ovations. I hate the idea that it’s just the hologram; what makes us special is the show creation. It’s how it flows. The set list, the live vocals, the visuals, Ronnie, all those elements come into play and most that have seen the show understand that and are super stoked about seeing it. We as a company have spent a lot of time and money to create this.”

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