Forbes Talks With Eyellusion About The “Burgeoning Business Of Postmortem Touring”

Over the past couple months, Jeff and Ahmet had the opportunity to speak with Forbes senior editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg about Eyellusion’s vision for the future of rock tours. Zack’s article resulting from these interviews is out today! There is some great insight into Ahmet’s desires to continue what his dad started so many years ago, how Eyellusion is separating itself from the other players in the market and what fans can expect from a Zappa hologram show. Then of course, there’s this amazing quote from Ahmet:

“People are gonna lose their minds, their brains are gonna melt out of their ears,” he says of the tour. “I can’t wait. Their eyeballs are gonna explode!”

Read the full article over at

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