‘What The F*** Is Happening Right Now’: Pollstar Takes A Look At ‘The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa’

Wow, this Pollstar story just gets right to the heart of the EMOTION behind ‘The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa’ show. Creating this show was a journey for all involved and this article gives just a peek behind what went into its creation.

“The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa” hologram tour kicks off next month. While the show’s technology is fascinating, the involvement of Zappa’s son Ahmet Zappa makes it special. Pollstar met him at ILMC in London, alongside his business partner and friend Jeff Pezzuti, founder and CEO of Eyellusion, the company that produces the show, which includes the lifelike hologram of the late musician.
“It’s emotional for me, obviously, because he looks like how I remember him as a four-year old. I stared in his face my entire life,” Ahmet Zappa says. “Seeing the evolution of a static image into something that looks like its living and breathing is emotional. I can’t underscore that enough.”
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